Ireland’s Four Fields Closed In November 2011


  Cleveland Park's 4 Fields was a familiar mainstay for 35 years. This was it's official website for a portion of those years. In 2011 the 4P's - DC announced it was closing due to high rent. For those of us who frequently visited this lively bar and restaurant, we have missed you. Fortunately, the Web Archive Project located a sponsor to restore the site as an historic online landmark. TNG/Earthling agreed to provide development support and CEO Bob Sakayama and his partner Rev Sale contributed their time and resources to bring the site back to life in this archived form.

Content is from the site's 2000-2011 archived pages.

Ireland’s Four Fields To Close In November

AUG 9, 2011, Aaron Morrissey |

Cleveland Park residents — and most everyone else who had ever patronized the place — were deeply disappointed to learn over the weekend that Ireland’s Four Fields will be closing its doors on November 5.

The bar and restaurant — formerly known as the 4Ps — had been in its location at 3412 Connecticut Avenue NW since 1976. But owner Frank Hughes explained in an email to patrons that a “requested increase in monthly demands will not make it economically feasible to remain at this location.” Hughes did note that he plans to relocate the restaurant somewhere else — any neighborhoods out there looking for a reliable Irish pub? — and said that the location would likely be taken over by “a chain restaurant.” (The locals appear to believe that something akin to McFadden’s will be coming in, though nothing’s concrete at this point.)

It’s kind of a drag to see an longtime institution being pushed out in favor of a chain, but that appears to be the way Cleveland Park is heading these days. Hughes’ letter to his customers is below:


Sadly the rumors are true. It is with heavy heart and with much regret for me to inform you that Ireland’s Four Fields will close on November 5, 2011. Unfortunately, the requested increase in monthly demands will not make it economically feasible to remain at this location. It is my understanding that the building will be leased to a chain restaurant.

Ireland’s Four Fields (the old 4P’s) has been a member and a proud contributor to the DC community and especially to Cleveland Park for over 35 years. We are a neighborhood and a DC icon. We have been host for numerous events: fundraisers, reunions, receptions and wakes, among other things. Many, many wonderful memories were made here. I discovered many years ago that no matter how far I traveled, I would always run into someone that had either been here or had heard of us.

As for me, I have come full circle. I opened the doors to the 4P’s in 1976 as manager, one of the few Irish restaurants at that time, and I will now be here the day the doors close.

My intentions are to reopen at a different location and I have several options which I am currently exploring. I will be sure to keep everyone updated.

I would like especially to thank all of you for your continued patronage and friendship over the years. I have enjoyed meeting all of you. I hope to see all of you before we close.



"The DC crowd I hung out with was in love with this place. There are very few spots with the charm, the food, drink and entertainment that plays to the Irish heritage like the 4Ps. We were regulars, knew all the staff and always brought our visitors in to experience the warmth and cozy atmosphere that we adored. It was here that we learned of 9/11 attacks, the start of the Iraq war, the changing of the guard at the white house, etc. Even the atrocious behavior of con man George Binakis made the rounds here. George had scammed a 72 year old woman out of $65,000 in NYC by posing as a legit contractor hired to renovate her apartment. He gained her sympathy by telling stories of his failing heart, how he had a pacemaker and other health issues. So complete was his con, that when he vanished with her money, her first concern was for his well being. There were rumors that George had fled to DC, which is one reason the story had such prominence at the 4Ps, but also because many in the Irish law enforcement community were outraged at this crime and contributed time toward an attempt to locate George. Because he disappeared so completely this story had legs that continues to this day. Unfortunately, the 4Ps is no longer here to pass those stories on." Toby Shay, Publica Nota


Restaurant & Pub

3412 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008



6 Time Winner of ‘Best Irish Pub in Washington DC’

   Washington Post Readers Choice ...’Best Irish Pub’

  Washingtonian Magazine ..’Best Neighborhood Pub’

  New York Magazine ..”The food would make your mother jealous”

 Washington Post Dining Guide  We recommend. Editors Pick

 W-USA 9 A-List Winner-  'Best Irish Pub in Washington DC'

 AOL CITY'S BEST  Five Stars


Ireland's Four Provinces - The Irish Pub

Ireland's Four Provinces (The 4P's) is open 7 days a week from 5:00 p.m. til 2:00 a.m. Sun-Thurs and 4:00 pm til 3:00 a.m. on Friday and 5:00 pm til 3:00 a.m. Saturday. It is also available during the day for Private Parties (work, receptions etc.) Live Irish music is performed 7 nights per week. The 4P's hosts Irish Concerts throughout the year bringing in the old favorites such as "The Clancy Brothers", "Paddy Reilly", "Danny Doyle", "Brendan Boyer", "Brendan Grace", "Eric Bogle" and the up and coming new Irish Acts such as "Ceili Rain" & "The Whole Shabang". The Sean Fleming Band is everybody's favorite to return on a regular basis to the 4P's. Call for reservations first when Sean's in town as we book out early for his performances.

The 4P's also has 3 regulation dart boards for the dart thrower and for the sports enthusiast, a 100 inch television screen showing all NFL games. In the future, a satellite dish will bring in live Irish football and hurling. A covered outdoor patio seating 50 patrons is available for those warm summer evenings, with full bar and menu service.



What are the Four Provinces of Ireland?

Ireland, an island, is the most westerly country in Europe and covers an area of 32,524 square miles. Its greatest length is 302 miles, and its greatest width is 189 miles -no part is more than 70 miles from the sea. The country is divided in four historic provinces. Ulster, Munster, Leinster, and Connaught. There are thirty two counties. In at least sixteen of these, there is a different quality in the landscape, so that we have an illusion of visiting many countries in one, in the shortest possible time. Here is a country which has not been over industrialized. The scenery is never marred by screens of smoke from batteries of chimneys, nor disfigured by small mountains of slag. Rivers do not run rancid with the waste of the mills and the salmon still come up from the sea through bright fresh waters. The Motorist, the Walker, the Climber, Everyman in Ireland can enjoy the unique beauty of its landscape and its historic, literary and artistic associations.


"The 4P's - DC"


3412 Connecticut Ave N.W.
Washington, D.C.
202 244-0860


Frank Hughes     Andy Duffy

"Visit 4P's - Falls Church"

105 West Broad Street
Falls Church, Va.
703 534-8999

Justin Hoolihan
Mr. Christy Hughes


Cleveland Park's 4 Fields to Close

By Carissa DiMargo Published Aug 9, 2011 |

Cleveland Park's 4 Fields to Close

Just try to imagine Cleveland Park without this. Weird, huh?

The rent is too damn high.

Cleveland Park landmark 4 Fields has announced it will close Nov. 5, reports Prince of Petworth. Formerly known as 4Ps -- with an unchanged awning to prove it -- the pub at 3412 Connecticut Ave. N.W. has been a neighborhood staple for more than 35 years.

The owner confirmed on the Cleveland Park listserv that the requested increase in rent is not feasible, but he's currently exploring other locations. "My intentions are to reopen at a different location and I have several options which I am currently exploring. I will be sure to keep everyone updated," he wrote.

While he said he thinks the space will be rented to a chain restaurant, Prince of Petworth has heard rumors that the owners of McFadden's are looking to launch a new spot with a different concept.

"News to me," a McFadden's manager just told us. 




The 4p's is located at 3412 Connecticut Ave in DC.    We are 4 block's north of the National Zoo and right next to the Uptown Theater.

The 4P's is located one block south of the Cleveland Park Metro Station On the Red Line.

From I66 -- Take 66 over the Roosevelt Bridge keeping in the far right lane.   Take first exit off bridge onto the Rock Creek & Potomac parkway. Take the parkway to the Connecticut Ave exit.    Take a right onto Connecticut Ave.  The 4P's is approximately 7 blocks on the left.  (about 4 blocks north of the National Zoo).

From I495 (Beltway) -- Take the Connecticut Ave exit.  Go south on Connecticut about 5 miles.   The 4p's will be on your right.


Pub Quiz Every Wednesday

8:30pm Sharp


4,5 Kevin James

11,12 The Sean Fleming Band

17,18,19 Ronan Kavanagh

25,26 40 Thieves


4,5 - The Burren Band
6 - Parade Fundraiser. 3pm-7pm. Live Irish Music, Irish dancers, Door Prizes and Raffles. 
10, 11, Ronan Kavanagh
12 - Shamrock Fest. Live Music 3pm to close The Burren Band and Ronan Kavanagh.
13 - Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Live Music Begins at 2pm. Ronan Kavanagh, Culkin School of Irish Dancers. 
17,- Saint Patrick's Day. Live Music Begins at 10.30am to close. The Burren Band and Ronan Kavanagh.
18, 19 - Ronan Kavanagh
25, 26 - The Sean Fleming Band.



By Sarah Schmelling
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pub Quiz

When: Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

Where: Ireland's Four Fields (3412 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-244-0860).

Cost: The stress that comes from attempting to recall the Energizer Bunny's footwear.

The gist: Unlike at other trivia nights, self-chosen teams have 90 minutes to fill out a lengthy (on this night, 85-question) quiz sheet and hand it in. Then bar owner Frank Hughes announces the answers and the names of the three winning teams. Prizes include cash, a round of drinks and movie tickets at AMC Mazza Gallerie.

Perk: Hughes himself. "Seems like a lot of teams copied from other teams," the Irishman scolds before reading the results. "And they all had the wrong answers." For five years he's been writing the quizzes and relaying the answers -- sometimes sighingly, sometimes with a spark of Alex Trebek know-it-all-ism -- with topics from the British army rank between major general and colonel (brigadier) to the TV character whose blood pressure was minus-3 (Herman Munster).

Unexpected extra: The night I was there, the quiz asked players to identify 12 drawings of countries, causing the most tension at our table, where someone insisted that Turkey was in fact Puerto Rico. But it was Turkey. Which is what I said.

Downside: Waiting until 11 p.m. to get the answers. And feeling moronic for thinking the first word of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is "mama" (it is, of course, "is").

More fun than: Any other written quiz I've taken.

Worth it? It's a nice alternative to shouting out answers, and there's such a variety of trivia, everyone should know something. Though some may know more than others (um, Turkey!).


Sample Pub Quiz   

Tie Breaker: How many times have Tampa won the Superbowl? Ans Only 1

How about the Redskins Ans. 3

1. Normally a colorless gas, it does put the red in red blood cells. What is this essential element, the most abundant element in the earth's crust? ____

2. This team's lowest paid position player in 2004 was Bubba Crosby, who made $301,400. Its highest paid player made $22 million. What team? ______

3. One of the seminal books of 19th century Americana might never have been written if Mark Twain hadn't been persuaded to drop this character from the original final chapter of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Which character, who starred in the sequel to Sawyer in his own Adventures? _____

4. In her 90s, she was still winning court cases. The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled she had the right to sue the rap duo Outkast for using her name in the title of a song with the lyrics "Ah, ha, hush that fuss. Everybody move to the back of the bus." Name this icon. ____

5. Its tourist attractions include the George Wythe (WIETH) House, the Raleigh Tavern, the Governor's Palace, the Abby Rockefeller Folk Arts Collection What is this restored colonial town? ___

6. The Margherita version, with basil and mozzarella, was created and named in the late 1800s to honor Queen Margherita during her visit to Naples. What is this foodstuff? ____

7. The new man in her life is a blond Australian surfer named Blaine. He's the brother of her Aussie friend Summer. She hooked up with Blaine just five months after agreeing to some "quality time apart" from her steady for 43 years. Who is this absolute doll? ____

8. In 1903, it was leased to the United States in perpetuity for the annual payment of 2,000 gold coins, a price later fixed at $2,000 a year. Not bad for 45 square miles of property on the largest island in the Caribbean. Identify this military base, home to some 600 detainees from 40 plus countries. _____

9. Like so many other Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, it has a leaky roof. In its case, the worst leaks come from the skylights in the rotunda directly over its grand spiraling walkway. Name this 45-year old museum in New York City. _____

10. In 2002, this nation negotiated and pledged itself to enforce a "permanent cease-fire" in Sri Lanka's decades-long civil war. Name that peace-loving nation of just 4.5 million people where, each December 10th, the Nobel Peace Prize is handed out. _____

11. In 2004, he was named the NFL's Senior Vice President for Football Operations and Development, making him the highest ranking African American in NFL history. Name this ex Raider, first black NFL head coach and Hall of Famer. ____

12. Most Islamic schools of theology hold that it, like Allah himself, is uncreated and eternal. Those Muslims with the title of hafiz have memorized and can recite all of its 114 Surahs. Name this text. __

13. He became the U.S. Navy's youngest pilot when he earned his commission at age 18 and went on to fly 58 combat missions in World War II. In late 2002, he was presented with a model of the U.S. aircraft carrier to be named for him. Who is this former U.S. president? _____

14. Michael Paterniti's Driving Mr. Albert is a chronicle of the bizarre cross-country trip he took with Dr. Thomas Harvey and the Tupperware-enclosed brain of Dr. Harvey's best known autopsy subject. Name that subject who died in 1955 at Princeton, New Jersey. _____

15. It's been trying to grant independence to its last significant colony, the South Pacific island of Tokelau, but the Tokelauans keep refusing. Its former colony of Niue also wants to become a colony again. Name this unlikely colonial power Southeast of Australia. ____

16. In Britain, this four-syllable noun is defined broadly as "any entity that has legal personality." In the U.S. it is restricted to "an entity with authority to act as a single person and with rights to issue stock." What's the word? ____

17. White was the unofficial Islamic color from the time of Mohammed till the rise of the Fatimid Dynasty in the tenth century. The Fatimids adopted another color now most associated with Islam and seen on most flags of Islamic nations. Name this only color on the flag of Libya. ____

18. Its actual first sentence is: "The pale usher -- threadbare in coat, heart, body and brain; I see him now." That opens its Introduction, and includes a chart listing the word for "whale" in 12 different languages. Name this novel, and the famous first sentence that opens its First Chapter. __________

 19. What is the most common non-contagious disease? ____

20. What membrane controls the amount of light entering the eye?____

21. Where is the human skin the thickest? ____

22. Which finger's nail grows the quickest? _____

23. How many verses does the national anthem of Greece have? ___

24. If you saw 'canard' on French menu, what type of meat would be on offer? ____
25. Which vegetable is in the dish 'eggs Florentine'? ____
26. Which spirit forms the base of the liqueur 'Benedictine'? ____
27. Which strong smelling herb, which tastes of aniseed, is often used in fish dishes? _

28. Connect Three Eg: Bag Ball Basin Answer ‘Hand’

1. Work Ball Profit ________Key Mind Piece _______ 3. Metal Lightning Music ______

29. Name the five countries in which polar bears can be found? ____

30. What type of milk is an essential ingredient of Thai cooking? ____

31. Which religious ceremony comes from the Greek word for 'to dip' ____

32. Which European airport has the shortest flight time to continental USA? ____

33. Which Irish City is closest to Shannon airport? ____

34. How many wives did the long suffering Mormon leader Brigham Young have? __

35. In order, name the most northerly, southerly, easterly and westerly states of the USA? ____

36. In which famous building will you find the world's heaviest bell, The Tsar Kolokol? _

37. What can come in types Blue, Spear, Couch and Arrow? ____

38. A mother has 6 daughters and each of them has a brother. How many children are there? _

What is the next letter(s)?

39. a, t, g, c, l, v, l, s, s, c, a, ______?

40. ii, iii, v, vii, xi, xiii, xvii, ________?

41. j, f, m, a, m, j, _____?

42. z, x, c, v, b, n, _____?

43. dd, pp, lal, ld, mam, sas, _______?

Keep the word “great” in mind. That word appears in each of the following 4 answers and/or questions.

44. It’s a Charles Dickens novel? ____

45. Kind of like a good morning cup of coffee---this religious revivalist movement swept through the American colonies in the mid 1750’s? ____

46. The Great God Brown is a familiar play by what 20th century American playwright? ____

47. Derived from Greek myth, Ursa Major is the Latin name for what constellation? ____

48. Celebrity Anagrams: Unscramble letters to name a celebrity Lives = Elvis. 

a. Costumier = _______b. Presbyterians = _________c. Lost hairpin = ___________

d. Germany = _______________

e. Bursting Presence = ________________

49. What is the only letter of the alphabet which does not appear in any of the names of the 50 American states? ___

50. What is the only US State not to contain any of the letters of `George W Bush`? __



Rent A Pub

If you are a corporation or private group looking for a location to host a party, the perfect place is Ireland's Four Fields.

We open at 5pm Monday thru' Thursday, 4pm on Weekends.

Location is available for private functions or sporting events during the early evening hours.(Flexible)

or you may rent the full restaurant for private functions.

Seating capacity inside is 199, outside patio seats 40.

10 foot big screen & 42'' plasma TV'S with all video & audio functions available for presentations.

Full sound system with 2 microphones.

50 person minimum required for all functions.

Please click on email envelope for any further information.

 Located 1 1/2 blocks from Cleveland Park Metro (Red Line)

Outside catering allowed.



Ireland's Four Fields

Ireland, an island, is the most westerly country in Europe and covers an area of 32,524 square miles. Its greatest length is 302 miles, and its greatest width is 189 miles -no part is more than 70 miles from the sea. The country is divided in four historic Provinces. Ulster, Munster, Leinster, and Connaught (Ireland's Four Fields)..There are thirty two counties. In at least sixteen of these, there is a different quality in the landscape, so that we have an illusion of visiting many countries in one, in the shortest possible time. Here is a country which has not been over industrialized. The scenery is never marred by screens of smoke from batteries of chimneys, nor disfigured by small mountains of slag. Rivers do not run rancid with the waste of the mills and the salmon still come up from the sea through bright fresh waters. The Motorist, the Walker, the Climber, Every native or Visitor to Ireland can enjoy the unique beauty of its landscape and its historic, literary and artistic associations.



On Tap

Harp Lager
Flying Dog ipa
House Amber
Smithwicks Ale
Guinness Stout
Killians Irish Red
Magners Irish Cider
Stella Artois
Miller Lite
Bud Light

By The Bottle

Bud/Bud Light/Bud Select
Miller Lite
Miller Chill
Coors Light
Smirnoff Ice
Amstel Light
O’ Douls n/a
Root Beer n/a
Pauli Girl n/a
Sam Adams Light
Michelob Ultra Light

Buffet Menu

Choice of 3 items served with House Salad, 2 side dishes. Sodas, tea & coffee included.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon
Fresh Atlantic salmon, broiled to perfection, served with a white wine cream sauce.

Whiskey Chicken
Skinless, boneless breast of chicken sautéed in Irish whiskey sauce.

Shepherd’s Pie
Ground sirloin baked in a casserole with chopped onions, peas and carrot. Topped with real mashed potatoes. 

Vegetable Spinach Lasagna
An all vegetable and pasta favorite, in a light tomato sauce. (vegetarian)

Pot Roast
Fork tender seasoned pot roast with homemade gravy.

Homemade Beef & Guinness Stew
Traditionally prepared. A  hearty stew of beef with fresh vegetables.

 Prime Rib of Beef
Tender sliced prime rib served Au Jus. ($2 extra per person)

Selection of mixed appetizers $5 per person, which is approximately 4 to 6 pieces per person.
Large appetizer tray $45
Open Bar for 50 persons with Beer, Wine & House liquor cost is $400 per hour. Beer & Wine $250 per hour.
 Seating capacity 200  




Spinach Dip
Popcorn Shrimp
Mozzarella Sticks
Chicken Tenders
Seasoned Chicken Wings
Cheese Fries
Irish Chips with Curry Sauce
Fresh Veggie Platter
Loaded Potato Skins
Smoked Salmon
5 Mini Burgers
Irish Nachos
Wheel of Brie


Cup or Bowl
Traditional Irish Potato Soup
Homemade Chicken Noodle
House Salad
Caesar Salad
Caesar with Chicken Breast 


Chicken and Irish Bacon 
Chicken Club
Turkey Rueben 
Charbroiled Sirloin Burger 
Garden Burger 
Chicken Caesar Wrap 
Cheesesteak Sandwich


Beef & Guinness Stew 
Shepherd's Pie 
Cottage Pie 
Pot Roast 
Fresh Atlantic Salmon 
Fish & Chips 
New York Strip Steak 
Irish Mixed Grill 
Bangers & Mash 
Chicken Ballymahon 
Corned Beef & Cabbage 
Seafood Kabobs 


Apple Pie, 3 Layer Lemon Cake,
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
Low Carb Cheesecake, Homemade Bread Pudding.











Mattie C. Alexandria, VA
4.0 star rating 11/23/2011
I've been here a couple of times and love it!  Free darts, reasonably priced beers and lively atmosphere.  Particularly last time we went - apparently it was supposed to be their last night and they had booked a special performer - Governor O'Malley!  He went up on stage with a group of guys and sang/played guitar to a bunch of fun songs.

Not every day do you get to see the governor of a state performing on a banjo at the bar.  That was really exciting.  AND their lease actually was extended for another 6 months so Four Fields is still around!  Go there and enjoy it while you can.


Kate K. Cleveland, OH
4.0 star rating 8/9/2009
The best part of 4P's is that some drunk girl always decide she can Riverdance - and clears the dance floor to prove it. This happens every time, without fail.

But really - 4Ps is awesome. The beer is relatively inexpensive (but they've got good stuff for more, if you want it) and the atmosphere can't be beat - friendly, fun, laid back. They have darts (for free!) & almost always have live music. The food is so-so, but if you're just looking for bar food, they've got it. Oh, & potatoes. Lotsa potatoes. What did you expect from an Irish joint?!

Also: Anyone who'd choose Nanny O'Brien's (across the street) over 4P's is seriously lacking in Irish drinking judgment. 4P's is the best of the bunch!



Melissa H. Irvine, CA
4.0 star rating 8/20/2009
I love 4 Fields (4 P's, whatever it is called now) for trivia.  I first discovered this place back in 2003 when I was doing an internship in D.C. for a few months.  I have compared all subsequent pub/bar trivia nights I've been to to the Four Fields.

I'll admit the format wouldn't work in just any location - it is several pages long, really challenging, and not just dumb pop culture stuff.  I have been here with a half a dozen college and graduate students and still only gotten half the questions right.  Frank, the owner, creates the quizzes each week and there are several varieties of questions, so it really makes your head spin.

Anyway, in addition to thinking the trivia is kick ass, I like the vibe here.  You can tell there are a ton of regulars but that never stops Frank from including everyone regardless.  I hate those snobby places that only cater to the regulars - this is not one of those places.  The beer prices are comparable and there are a ton of tables.  Overall, a very friendly place to be!


Greg G. Washington, DC
3.0 star rating 10/22/2010
It's an Irish Pub.  It has decent pub grub (the corned beef is quite good), a wide variety of beer and whiskey, and good bands most nights.  For big sporting events they have a screen as well.  Nice local neighborhood place. 

There really isn't much more to say.  It's pretty much a great bar and place for quick food!


Brian F. Winchester, MA
3.0 star rating 12/4/2010
I wouldn't go here for the food, its just average. But if you are looking for an Irish pub you shouldn't be disappointed.

Four Fields (or four P's as it is often called) is very spacious and can fit a lot of people. If you are looking for darts (or to get your butt kicked in darts, there are some serious dart players here usually) then this place is good. If you're looking for some Irish acoustic music then this place is usually good. Or if you're just looking to sip on a Guiness in a dimly lit bar then this place is for you.

Picture a typical Irish pub and the Four Fields should be pretty close to what you are envisioning.


Kathleen R. Manhattan, NY
3.0 star rating 2/19/2008
I came to Four Fields with my two brothers.  So we had a Brendan, a Patrick and a Kathleen.  Needless to say, we felt right at home amidst the other Mickeys, Colleens and Finbars from the local DC scene.

I had a huge dinner (at Olazzo's in Silver Spring) earlier that night and was feeling pretty full, so I just had a glass of wine.  Not really their specialty, as I should have known.  But everyone else's Guinnesses and Jamesons seemed to be working their magic.

Ronan Kavanagh, the evening's entertainment, was just what I expected based on my brother's description: a middle-aged Irish guy singing folk and rock covers.  But he did what he did well and even inspired one of the local lasses to break into an Irish jig (Jameson-induced confidence seemed to carry her when inherent talent failed ;-)

This place kept reminding me of the Norwood Inn, a similar spot in NJ that I frequent over the summer.  It may be dime a dozen, and it's a little divey, but it's also a lot of fun.